Top 10 Fantastic Four Members

If you like the Marvel Universe in any capacity, you really owe a debt of utmost gratitude to the Fantastic Four. Without Stan Lee’s (at the time) naturalistic dialogue and (at the time) realistic character work, and Jack Kirby’s jaw dropping, groundbreakingly perfect artwork, we would not have a Marvel Universe today. But don’t let their name fool you, the FF have had a lot of members. Fantastic Four means “four at a time”, not “four ever”. So who are the best heroes to ever slap a four on their chests?


10. Luke Cage

Yep, that’s right, the star of the most recent Netflix series (THE MOST RECENT NETFLIX SERIES; THAT OTHER ONE NEVER HAPPENED) was a member of the good ol’ Fantastic Four.

He was brought in for a very short stretch of time to replace the Thing, who had temporarily lost his powers. And he’s a good pick for the new heavy of the group. Especially because his 70s yellow puffy shirt and tiara make up one of my favorite goofy old school comic book outfits. It’s just so earnestly great.

Fun fact, though: This was not the first time the FF and Cage ran into each other. No, that happened when Dr. Doom hired Cage for a job and then refused to pay him. So Cage stole a fantasticar and flew to Latvaria, because he was gonna get his two hundred dollars, by God. You do not screw Luke Cage.

He will mess you up.