Top 10 Avengers Teams

Ah, the Avengers, Marvel’s greatest heroes banded together to face a threat no single hero could withstand. But who were the best heroes to take up membership on this team? Which lineup of earth’s mightiest heroes truly was the mightiest? Well, let’s look at them all, and narrow it down to the best of the best, the coolest of the cool. The team that Gilgamesh isn’t on.


10. Pre-Disassembled Team

They might have gone through hell, but the immediately pre-disassembled team was a great lineup of heroes.

Scarlet Witch, Vision, She-Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and Lionheart, who got really underused. Like, jeez, dig her up and do something cool with her, Marvel. Also, Hank Pym, sorta. When he was Yellowjacket. I like the Yellowjacket costume, great visual design and all that.

This team tangled with a crazed She-Hulk, a Red Skull plague, and even a resurrected team of Invaders. If you need to read a good story about these guys, I’d recommend Avengers Vol. 3, issue numbers 57 through 60. The arc, called World Trust, involved the team doing battle with the villainous Zodiac.

Also, Jack of Hearts was briefly involved with this team. Briefly. He…uh...would later become re-involved in the team in a disastrous way. It was quite an explosive reunion. Get it? What, too soon?