Thor: Ragnarok – Director Confirms Sakaar Location

One of next year's most anticipated comic book movies (aren’t they all?), Thor: Ragnarok is also reportedly the last movie in the Thor franchise. Seen as the weakest solo movies in the MCU, the Thor series now has a chance at redemption, given the storylines adapted and the director helming the film. As far as directors are concerned, Marvel has had a winning streak in recent years, discovering apt directors where nobody would have searched.

The cast and crew seemed to have a blast with Taika Waititi while shooting Thor: Ragnarok, and the director kept the fans up to date on the most important details about the film. Granted, there weren’t too many big plot points revealed, since we're still talking about Marvel. Nonetheless, the director did make some big announcements (including a Surtur appearance in Thor: Ragnarok).


During a recent interview with Total Film, the director  revealed  that the movie will borrow even more than we thought from the Planet Hulk storyline. Waititi said that Thor and Hulk will indeed meet on Sakaar, where Hulk has made a name for himself as a gladiator.

At this point, of course, we're still wondering how much of the Planet Hulk storyline will be adapted in Thor: Ragnarok. However, we can be certain that Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster is the ruler of Sakaar, unlike in the comics.

As we've said many times, Thor: Ragnarok will be the best of the solo trilogy. However, will it also be one of the best MCU movies? We don’t know just yet, especially since we don’t have a clue as to how Hulk ended up on Sakaar in the first place.

Gladiator Hulk (Digital Spy) Gladiator Hulk (Digital Spy)

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on the 3rd of November 2017.