Rumor: Zemeckis Directing The Flash

The Flash is among the most popular DC superheroes, and he's a core member of the Justice League, but it appears that Warner Bros. can't get his solo movie up and running. The same can be said about several of the other slated DCEU flicks, except for Aquaman (which is shaping up to be as star-studded as any other tent-pole movie), Wonder Woman, and Justice League. And we can't blame this on the hate that's allegedly directed toward the DC Extended Universe receives.

In 2014, The Flash and Justice League were among the first movies announced. Seth Grahame-Smith was tapped as director, but then dropped out. There was hope when Rick Famuyiwa was announced as a replacement. Everything seemed to go according to plan, and the Dope director began to cast some key characters.

Justice League character poster for Ezra Miller's The Flash Justice League character poster for Ezra Miller's The Flash (Photo Credit - Warner Bros)

But he dropped out, too, blaming creative differences with the studio that developed after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn't quite as successful as expected. After that, we heard nothing more about The Flash. Although it was supposed to be the first DCEU movie to follow Justice League, it seemed to have been postponed indefinitely.

But that wasn't the case, because the studio is still actively looking at directors. According to Screen Junkies, none other than Robert Zemeckis is in talks for the job. And since The Flash is shaping up to be the comedic Justice League, having the director of Forrest Gump and Back to the Future at the helm would surely help (We’re on board with this!).

But Umberto Gonzales has said that the acclaimed director met with studio execs on one occasion:


It looks as if this isn’t a closed deal from any standpoint. It does sound exciting, and having a director like Robert Zemeckis would surely reignite interest among comic book movie fans and movie fans in general.

Back to the Future (Back to the Future Wikia)