The Batman: Negotiations with Matt Reeves Reportedly Collapse!

We have some bad news for those who hoped to see Matt Reeves as director of The Batman. The filmmaker has reportedly exited the talks!

The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes director has been the rumored front runner for the director’s chair since Ben Affleck confirmed that he wouldn't be calling the shots for his Caped Crusader’s first standalone movie. Just a week ago, multiple outlets reported that Warner Bros. had offered Reeves the job and he had verbally agreed.

But now, a studio source for The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that negotiations between the director and the studio have broken down. However, they also insist that there's still a chance that talks could resume “when heads cool”.

According to the outlet, the studio is going to make The Batman, “no matter what”. The superhero franchise has proven to be a veritable gold mine, and it's bigger than any one person.

Apparently, the studio has considered a number of other directors in addition to Matt Reeves. While one report mentioned George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road), Gavin O’Connor (The Accountant), Denis Villeneuve (Arrival), and Matt Ross (Captain Fantastic) as potential candidates, another named Ridley Scott (The Martian) and Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe).

Many are disappointed that talks between Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. have ended unsuccessfully. On the other hand, this could be good news, since it increases the possibility that a more accomplished director will take the helm.

If you fall into the first category, Zack Snyder has shared a photo that may help cheer you up. Captured from inside the editing bay, it offers us a glimpse of a Justice League fight scene featuring Affleck’s Dark Knight and some Parademons or robots (not clear). Check it out below (via Comic Book Movie)!

Batman vs. Parademons: Round 2? Batman vs. Parademons: Round 2? (Photo Credit - Zack Snyder)

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