Superpower Beat Down: Wolverine vs. Wonder Woman

If you've been wondering who would win in a showdown between Wolverine and Wonder Woman, Bat in the Sun has the answer for you. And it was a very tight fight – could the indestructible mutant defeat the champion of the Amazons?

Bat in the Sun asked comic book fans who would win. And arguments were given in favor of each of the superheroes. On one side was the adamantium skeleton and the off-the-charts healing ability of Wolverine, coupled with his knowledge of martial arts. On the other was the fact that Wonder Woman is basically a goddess, who has defeated the God of War himself – she has super speed, super strength, flight, warrior training, and an array of awesome weapons.

Wonder Woman (DC Comics) Wonder Woman (DC Comics)

Everything is put to good use in this clip, teased by Bat in the Sun since last May. So check it out – you won’t be disappointed!

As said, this was a very tight fight – but, nonetheless, Wonder Woman prevailed. It was pretty obvious to many of us that Wolverine didn’t stand a chance – but it wasn’t really so, since he put up a hell of a fight. But, in the end, as suspected, her multiple and superior abilities and weapons helped her defeat the mutant.

Kudos to Bat in the Sun for this awesome episode, which features multiple cameos from fan-favorite X-Men, including Nightwing, Jubilee, and Cyclops. We're looking forward to the next episode!

Wolverine (Screen Rant) Wolverine (Screen Rant)

Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine was directed by Aaron Schoenke. The cast features Tatiana DeKhtyar as Wonder Woman and Jonathan Carroll as Wolverine. Original music and sound were created by Sean Schoenke. The Super Power Beat Down series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy.