Superman V Iron Man Fan Made Trailer

We had a number of extraordinary fan made trailers launched within this month, some of them helping us on our way to calculate what we can expect from an upcoming movie, while others have made us wish if such a movie was possible! We had an couple of fan made trailers of the 2016 DC Universe venture Suicide Squad (click here to check out the trailers), a DC Vs Marvel trailer (click here to check out the trailer) and a couple of Batman Vs Green Arrow trailers (click here to check out the trailers).

Now, we have a new fan made trailer where we see a DC superhero collide with one from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is far better than the DC Vs Marvel trailer we had seen previously!

DC’s Man Of Steel Takes On Marvel’s Iron Man!


The DC superhero from the planet Krypton, Man of Steel, aka Superman, is the one who’s challenged by the Start Industry boss Tony Stark in the fan made trailer created by ‘Alex Luthor’. The YouTuber had previously created more than fifty fan made trailers of comic book movies, both real and imaginary. This one belongs to the class ‘imaginary’ as it is almost impossible to get DC and Marvel working together to fulfill his desire!

One Of The Best Marvel & DC Mash-Ups Ever!


It is difficult to make a single consistent clip from Man of Steel and Iron Man movies as they belong to two different universes, DC and Marvel. But ‘Alex Luthor’ has made it look like these are not only a part of the same comic universe, but also the part of the same movie. It seems like Henry Cavill and Robert Downey Jr. had a shoot together which ultimately gave birth to this trailer! Let’s check it out and share what you think of it!