10 Reasons to be Extremely Excited about Spider-Man: Homecoming

Next year is chock-full of comic book movies, and each one seems to be the greatest thing since the first X-Men movie dropped back in 2000. There's Wonder Woman, which seems yet again to be the DC film to put the DCEU on the right track. There's Logan, which had one of the best comic book movie trailers of all time. There's Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, which made history with its trailer. And there's Thor: Ragnarok, the one movie in the Thor franchise that seems to have the perfect director.

But, above all, there's Spider-Man: Homecoming, which marks the first solo movie for the web-crawler in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cast seems to be spot-on, Marvel has had quite a lucky streak in the recent years with finding the right directors, and (above all) this isn’t a Sony film! How can one not be excited?!?

So here are the top 10 reasons why this could be next year's best comic book movie. Obviously, this is a subjective list – and, obviously, there are some spoilers! So consider yourself warned!

Finally, Peter Parker is a believable high schooler

Awkward (Marvel) Awkward (Marvel)

As we mentioned, the casting seems to be spot-on. Though Tom Holland is already 20 years of age, he actually looks as if he's still a kid. And, in this case, this is an ace in the hole for him – he looks like that nerdy kid (without being the caricature portrayed by Tobey Maguire) who actually doesn’t stand a chance (save for his superpowers, like Andrew Garfield’s version). But, more importantly, it's how the script plays him.

And, as seen in the trailer, he’s actually down to earth – or, better yet, he's brought down to earth and made aware of the fact that he doesn’t stand a chance with the most popular girl in school (Liz Allan, in this case). Which is something great – and which bothered me in the previous incarnations of the character.

Of course, we might see him, in the end (in the sequels, that is), scoring with Mary Jane – but it won’t be in the first movie. If Zendaya is indeed Michele Gonzales, it would be great if the two paired off by the end of Homecoming! Or, at least, this is what I’d like to see.

Even more…

School is boring!

Just a kid (Marvel) Just a kid (Marvel)

Peter Parker may be a genius – but he's still a kid! And, like so many kids, besides having a crush on the popular girl, he finds school boring. Yes – even those subjects that might interest him. And we see that in the trailer, during a science class (with an unexpected cameo from Bruce Banner), when Peter Parker just watches videos with Spider-Man.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter at this point how those clips were shot (especially if they were made during the big Civil War fight). What matters is that Parker is just a kid – he does try to save the world (or the city, in this case) from the bad guys, but he is still just a kid who has no idea what will happen next in his future.

This point is just an addition to the previous one – but it's still important. Marvel should deliver from this perspective in portraying a kid superhero.

Tony Stark

Tony and Peter (Marvel) Tony and Peter (Marvel)

The face of the MCU – Tony Stark – is making a cameo. And it seems that it's quite an extensive one. Which is yet again exciting, and not just for the legions of Robert Downey, Jr. fans out there. During the Civil War, Tony Stark wasn’t the caricature we saw in Iron Man 1 and 2; he actually conveyed a vast range of emotions.

So having him in Spider-Man: Homecoming will certainly add to the movie.

The trailer shows a comedic scene featuring Stark and Peter Parker – and it's in the vein of what Tony Stark would do. But what sold me was the fact that, by the end of the movie, Iron Man and Spider-Man would fight some big baddie.

Blink and you’ll miss it – but that shot seems to jump right at you from the cover of comic books. And isn’t this the dream of every comic book fan? To see the favorite characters coming to life?

MCU connections

Civil War (Marvel) Civil War (Marvel)

Since this is a shared universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming will feature plenty of MCU Easter Eggs. And the biggest connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, obviously, the presence of Tony Stark. And, of course, there's the pic of Bruce Banner, the mural of Howard Stark, the robbers wearing Avengers masks, the Civil War footage, and even a T-shit worn by Pepper Potts.

And this is great – it means that Marvel is taking Spider-Man to a whole new level. If before he was a stand-alone character (thank God Sony’s plans for a shared universe failed), now he's part of a select group. And Homecoming won’t shy away from telling us that.

So  I'm more than excited about seeing Spider-Man interact with Tony Stark, or even Happy Hogan. Spider-Man is finally home!

Sokovian Accords

Not so friendly (Marvel) Not so friendly (Marvel)

One of the rumors concerning Spider-Man: Homecoming was that Iron Man wouldn’t join Spider-Man in the big fight because of the Sokovian Accords. I guess this rumor has been debunked by the trailer, which sees the two superheroes teaming up.

However, the Sokovian Accords will make themselves felt, providing continuity to the shared universe. And this happens in the scene in which Spider-Man jumps over a police helicopter, which doesn’t seem too friendly. So it may be that Peter Parker, now in the trials for joining the Avengers, is acting outside the law.

Could this mean that, by the end of the movie, the Accords will prove themselves futile and worthy of being discarded? It may be, thus providing a reason for Captain America and his team to return to active superhero duty.

The suit

Ned (Marvel) Ned (Marvel)

Of course, this is the scene that reveals how bad Spider-Man is at keeping his secret identity secret. So this might be a downer – however, Disney is making the most of it, by inserting all sorts of Star Wars Easter-Eggs – how much time did Ned spend making that Death Star before dropping it on the ground?

The scene also reveals something else – that the suit Peter Parker is wearing can grow tight or loose at a moment’s notice. Which explains how Parker can put it on so fast (didn’t notice this in the previous movies, but now that an answer's been provided, it makes sense).

The suit also sports some cool wings, as seen in the trailer and the teaser for the trailer – which is yet again something Sony would have never done by itself. Of course, the wings will be used only for gliding, but it isn’t as if Spider-Man is the Vulture

By far, this is the most complete Spider-Man suit we’ve seen in the movies!

Speaking of the Vulture…

One bad to the bone villain

Michael Keaton (Marvel) Michael Keaton (Marvel)

There are plenty of rumors concerning Michael Keaton’s Vulture, the biggest being that he’s a scientist who retrofits existing technology (Stark and Chitauri – the latter seen during the robbery) and uses other evil scientists (HYDRA comes into play again, according to this rumor) in order to become a supervillain.

We don’t know the extent of Vulture’s powers, and the design of his suit might be a letdown (since, well, it doesn’t look like it does in the comics, but rather like a heavily upgraded version of the Falcon suit). However, Michael Keaton seems bad to the bone in Spider-Man: Homecoming, even threatening to kill everybody connected to Peter Parker.

As said, the design of the Vulture suit might be a letdown – however, he's scary as hell, and seems like a threat even to the more experienced superheroes, let alone for Peter Parker. How will it all play out? Well, quite a while ago, there was a rumor that the final battle will see the Homecoming dance ruined by this villain. Now, I really don’t think so…

Shocker and others

Identity theft (Marvel) Identity theft (Marvel)

Some might say that there are quite a few villains (probably too many) in this first Spider-Man flick. However, Marvel has always done a great job when it came to movies featuring two superheroes vs. multiple villains. And Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of those movies.

Even more, considering that Shocker (we catch a glimpse of him in the trailer) is just small fry, someone to be defeated by Spider-Man in the beginning, are there really too many supervillains? So what if the Tinkerer also shows up, especially if he’s just an aide to Adrian Toomes?

And we should also consider something else, since we’re talking villains: Spider-Man: Homecoming is also the comic book issue in which the symbiote suit appeared for the first time. And since everybody wants Marvel to do justice to Venom

Peter Parker will don multiple suits in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Could the symbiote suit be the one to give him the edge over the Vulture?

Spider-Man 2 throwback

Where is this? (Marvel) Where is this? (Marvel)

While Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was a disaster (not at the box office, of course) due to Sony’s interference, Spider-Man 2 is one of the best superhero flicks ever. And, as such, it features an awesome fight against Doc Ock on top of a moving train. It ends with Spider-Man straining himself to stop the train and save everybody on it. And, of course, it shows yet again that Peter Parker has no idea what it really means to have a secret identity.

And now the trailer has revealed that we might get a similar scene in Spider-Man: Homecoming - with Peter Parker trying to pull two halves of a sinking ship together. It's pretty clear that this is an homage, and it also means that Marvel is actually learning from previous Spider-Man films.

Of course, some say that the studio revealed a bit too much with this shot, since it's hard to imagine that the scene doesn’t take place during the final battle. But was the train scene from Spider-Man 2 during the final battle? No, it wasn’t!

Out of New York...But why?

Out of NY (Marvel) Out of NY (Marvel)

There are quite a few questions that remain unanswered after viewing the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer. I'm even wondering if there's another villain, who might make Vulture seem like a little kid (of course, I wonder that based on the title and on some previous rumors).

However, the biggest question is: What is Spider-Man doing in Washington? Do you have an answer to that? Well, if you do, I'd very much like to know your opinion. As far as I'm concerned, I do believe that this trip has nothing to do with Tony Stark, which makes it even more puzzling.

So what do you think? Will Spider-Man: Homecoming be the best comic book movie of 2017?