Spider-Man: Homecoming – First Look at The Tinkerer

When the first bits of information about Spider-Man: Homecoming began to drop, we learned that the movie would feature villains The Vulture, Shocker (two of them!), and The Tinkerer. Because Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suffered from having too many antagonists, this caused some worry among fans. However, as new details emerged, it became obvious that there was no need to worry.

The Vulture will be the film's main antagonist, with the other villains playing minor roles. Marvel decided that it was better to introduce them as supporting characters, rather than introducing brand new villains with no comic book connections.

The Shockers and The Tinkerer can be viewed as Adrian Toomes' minions. So the film is in no way overcrowded.

So far, we've seen The Vulture and the two versions of The Shocker, but not The Tinkerer. However, the latest issue of Empire Magazine provides our first view of the villain, along with some details about him.

Vulture and Tinkerer (via Comic Book Movie)

Following the failed Chitauri invasion of New York, Tony Stark’s Damage Control puts a debt-ridden Toomes out of business. To make ends meet, Toomes and his crew start stealing exotic tech from the Chitauri, Dark Elf, and even Stark. The Tinkerer aids them in their criminal activities and retrofits the tech so it can be sold on the black market.

As we suspected, The Tinkerer won’t have a major role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But, given his genius-level intellect, it remains to be seen whether this will be his only appearance in the MCU.

Homecoming (Coming Soon)