Sony Moves Forward with Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter was a project teased by Sony more than a year ago. However, it was just one of many villain-based comic book movies announced by the studio. Furthermore, in the absence of Spider-Man, nobody believed that the project will actually enter production.

And that especially since one other project (Silver & Black) has been postponed on several occasions.

But, skipping one year later, we see that the studio has actually made one of these villain movies. Venom is ready to hit the big screens on the 5th of October and many consider that it will indeed be a hit. Even more, Jared Leto is set to play Morbius in his own solo film.

Kraven the Hunter (Comic Vine)

Now the studio is moving forward with Kraven the Hunter. And, according to Collider, a writer for the film has already been found. In this way, Richard Wenk was tasked with writing the script.

In the past year, Wenk has written the screenplay for the Equalizer movies, The Magnificent Seven remake, as well as for Expendables 2 and Jack Reacher 2. So he does have a knack for action flicks. It remains to be seen if a Kraven the Hunter movie written by him could work.

And that, of course, if and only if Sony will move past the hiring of a scriptwriter. To be noted, Silver & Black has a director for about a year now, but most recently the studio asked for a new script to be penned.

How could Kraven the Hunter’s story work in the absence of Spider-Man? Well, Kraven might as well go and hunt Venom – presuming that the latter’s solo flick will be a success.

Besides the writer, no news about the project has been released. But there is already an actor interested in playing the protagonist of the film.

Stefan Kapičić (Colossus of the Deadpool films) said he wants the role, as soon as the writer was revealed. Check it out:


So what do you think? Will Kraven the Hunter actually be made?