February 07, 2015
Six Stars Up For Deadpool Heroine Role!

20th Century Fox has already confirmed that 12 February, 2016 will be the day on which the popular comic book superhero Deadpool has his solo big screen venture landed. They have also confirmed that Ryan Reynolds, the man who played the superhero in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, will be reprising it in the upcoming solo and that the movie will see the directorial debut of the VFX guru Tim Miller.

Now, the production of the movie is about to kick-off in March but we don’t have any other characters confirmed! We only heard a month ago that Fox has been eying T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein for two different roles but that has been followed by complete silence.

Now, ‘Deadline’ breaks the silence with the claim that Fox has been testing six different actresses for the lead female role in Deadpool! Let’s check out in the following segment that who these ladies are.

The Six Contenders For The Female Lead!

Deadpool Heroine Contenders Deadpool Heroine Contenders

According to the website, Morena Baccarin, the love interest of Jim Gordon in the Batman prequel series Gotham, is one of the six contenders for the role of Wade Wilson’s love interest. Crush star Crystal Reed, The Red Band Society star Rebecca Rittenhouse and Teen Wolf star Taylor Schilling are also up for the role alongside Morena.

The website added two more hot names who are also in the race of the role. One of them is The Huntress of Arrow, Jessica De Gouw, while the other is Viking star Sarah Greene. The six are in test deals with the studio and one of them, according to the website, will sign the final deal!

Leaked Test Footage Kicked-Off Deadpool!

Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds

Back in last summer, we had a test footage of Deadpool leaked online. In a recent interview with 'Yahoo Movies', Ryan Reynolds claims that this footage was the only thing responsible for the movie to get green light from Fox! He mentioned that they had been planning for a movie for more than three years but could not get it going into production.

The test footage leak and the response by the fans had finally brought the movie daylight when they had already started considering it ‘dead in the water’!

Which of the six actresses would you prefer pairing with Ryan? And what about this claim from the lead actor? Do share your views via comments!