Scott Eastwood: The Next Wolverine?

After playing Wolverine for 17 years in nine X-Men film series installments, Hugh Jackman finally bid farewell to the character with his outstanding performance in 2017's Logan. Some fans aren't quite ready to see a different actor wearing the claws, but others have mentioned Scott Eastwood as Jackman's possible successor.

The good news is that Eastwood told an interviewer from ComicBook that he's up for taking on the role:

Weapon X. I mean, Logan! You gotta give it to Wolverine! Wolverine, all day.

Wolverine would be Eastwood's first superhero role, but he did star in 2016's Suicide Squad. After he was cast in the David Ayer flick, we started to hear rumors that he would play Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, but that role went to Chris Pine.

There were also rumors that he would play an undercover Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, who was sent by Batman to keep an eye on the Worst Heroes Ever. When the movie came out, we discovered that neither rumor was true, and Eastwood was cast as a lesser-known character named GQ Edwards.

It’s unlikely that Eastwood will play a DC superhero anytime soon. Even if he does get the chance to do so, we can't imagine that any character would be as iconic as Wolverine. Last month, Variety asked 20th Century Fox chairman and CEO Stacey Snider whether casting another actor as the clawed mutant was in the cards. She answered, “Anything’s possible.”

Fan-favorite Tom Hardy has already signed on to play Venom in Sony’s embryonic Spider-Man universe, so it appears that Eastwood could actually be the best actor to replace Jackman.

Check out this art piece from BossLogic depicting the 31-year-old actor as Wolverine!

Scott Eastwood as Wolverine without mask Scott Eastwood as Wolverine without mask (Photo Credit - BossLogic)

Scott Eastwood as Wolverine with mask Scott Eastwood as Wolverine with mask (Photo Credit - BossLogic)

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