Russo Brothers Say Civil War Is "Not Over Yet"!

In this year’s Captain America: Civil War, we witnessed an epic clash between two sets of iconic Marvel superheroes – one led by Robert Downey, Jr.’s Iron Man and the other by Chris Evans’ Captain America. While one might argue that Team Cap was victorious in the end, the Russo Brothers claim that the war hasn’t actually ended yet.

During a recent fan Q&A session on Quora, the filmmaking duo is asked which team they would consider as the winner of the May 6 release. In response, Joe Russo says:

We always thought of this movie as the start of the war. It's not over yet.

It appears that the conflict will be continued in the next few Marvel Cinematic Universe installments, maybe until Avengers: Infinity War!

When asked about which side they took in the movie, Anthony Russo says that in order to create “a conflict where both sides were perfectly valid”, they were “repeatedly flipping from one side to the other”. He adds that they wanted to “strengthen each against the other”. They did so from the beginning to the end, so they are “too mixed up to say”.

While speaking about what is in store for Cap after Captain America: Civil War, Joe explains:

At the end of Civil War, Cap drops his shield, because Tony tells him he doesn’t deserve it any longer, and perhaps he doesn’t. His responsibility to himself is now in conflict with his responsibility to others, and he will struggle to resolve that. His road forward involves figuring out who Steve Rogers is without the shield.

Dealing with so many characters was the most challenging part of directing Captain America: Civil War! Dealing with so many characters was the most challenging part of directing Captain America: Civil War! (Photo Credit - Disney Wikia)

During the fan Q&A session, Anthony insists that finding a way to “blend so many strong characters into the story” and figuring out ways to “make them shine” with the limited screen time they could offer was “perhaps the most challenging (and most fun) part” of their Captain America: Civil War experience.

When asked whether Black Panther’s ring has any magical powers, Anthony refrains from revealing the truth by saying that we will have to wait until the superhero’s standalone movie to find out the answer. But he does say that the ring is special to T’Challa because it was worn by his father, King T’Chaka. When Chadwick Boseman’s character puts it on for the first time in the movie, it’s “symbolic of him taking on his father’s role”.

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