Reactions from First DEADPOOL Screenings are Highly Positive!

Just because China refused to give permission to screen Deadpool in their territory doesn’t mean that the Merc with a Mouth won’t be touching himself tonight! Believe me, he’s still got enough reasons to do so! The first reactions on his solo outing are out and they are overwhelmingly positive!

Earlier tonight, 20th Century Fox screened the whole movie for a bunch of fans in Los Angeles as well as in New York. Before they attended, those fans were actually told that they would get to watch a preview of footage from Deadpool movie. It was in there that they found out that they were going to watch the entire movie!

And after watching the movie, they went on to share their reactions in Twitter. While ‘outstanding’, ‘amazing’ and ‘phenomenal’ are the common words used, some have described Deadpool has the ‘best’ or their ‘favoriteMarvel movie till date. Here are a bunch of tweets from those fans!

On the next page, new poster, new photos and whether or not Deadpool will have post-credits scene!