New Inhumans Trailer!

Inhumans, the latest Marvel TV show, is set to release its first two episodes in just a couple of days. Announced a few years ago as a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Inhumans was postponed at one point, only to later be canceled altogether. But new plans for an event television series were soon announced.

And an event it will be, with the first two episodes released in IMAX theaters, and the last six scheduled for a later run on ABC. However, fan response has been lukewarm at best, so the studio has shortened the duration of the IMAX residency to just one week.

Medusa before (CBM)

The fans have clearly taken issue with the show's character design, and some of the alterations that have been made. For example, they're not happy with what was done to change Medusa’s hair. Also, all of Maximus' powers have been stripped away, and that's been a major bone of contention for the fans.

The previous Inhumans promotional clip revealed that Medusa’s hair had been reworked, and it actually looked much better. Then the final trailer added another twist to her story, but it probably shouldn't have been spoiled during the marketing campaign.

Check it out below, if you like!

Of course, Medusa lost her locks in the comics as well, so this really shouldn’t be an issue. However, given the complaints from the fans regarding the quality of the special effects, this will surely raise even more questions. So again, maybe this twist shouldn’t have been revealed quite yet.

Medusa after (ABC)

The first two episodes of Inhumans are still scheduled for release in IMAX theaters on September 1, 2017. They'll debut on ABC, along with additional footage, starting on September 29.