New Black Panther Trailer Reveals New Footage!

At this point, we're between Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League, and Infinity War is the next big thing, so it might be easy to forget that another superhero flick is coming in February 2018. And it isn’t just any comic book movie; it's Black Panther. As the final movie before Thanos shows up, there's a lot riding on it.

The trailers and clips we've seen so far have given us the impression that, like any Marvel film, the Ryan Coogler movie will have some surprises for the fans.

Black Panther (Marvel)

To tide us over until we see the first Infinity War footage, we have a new international trailer for Black Panther. The clip doesn't reveal a great deal, but what's there is interesting, and we do get to hear some fresh dialogue!

The clip reveals that Shuri has developed a new Black Panther suit that's lighter in weight and completely bulletproof. We're wondering about the previous suits, given the firepower unleashed on the character in Civil War.

Check it out below!

Kevin Feige has said more than once that Black Panther is one of the most important films of Marvel’s Phase III. After Ragnarok, one more Infinity Stone remains hidden in the MCU. As you’ve probably guessed, it might be in Wakanda.

Shuri (Marvel)

And that's not all. What would villains Klaue and Killmonger do with the combined powers of an Infinity Stone and a huge vibranium deposit?

The fate of the world will be decided with the release of Black Panther February 16, 2018.