MCU: 6 TV Characters We’d Love To See In The Movies

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now a huge franchise in which both a number of movies and a number of television shows all take place in the same continuity.

There have already been a number of character crossovers between big and small screen enterprises (the likes of Phil Coulson, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Peggy Carter, Jasper SitwellSif and Doctor List have all appeared in both), but what all of those have in common is that the characters appeared in movies first before making the transition to television.

Isn’t it about time the reverse happened? The television shows have introduced a number of great characters who deserve to be seen in a big-budget Hollywood productions - all of the main cast members in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., for example, would be more than welcome to appear in the movies as far as fans of the show are concerned (Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons helping Tony Stark or Bruce Banner with a project, for example, would be cool to see and Skye and Melinda May teaming up with Black Widow would be awesome).

So, referring strictly to characters who have already appeared (so there’ll be no Punisher or Defenders here, as much as we’d like to see them in a movie soon!), these are six characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe television shows that we’d love to see appearing in the movies – and a brief explanation of exactly how they might appear.

Bobbi Morse

Bobbi Morse – played by Adrianne Palicki – is the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the awesome comic book character Mockingbird.

To date, this version of the character has only appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but, as a prominent member of the Avengers in the comic books – and as someone who has past relations with Hawkeye – it would be cool to see her appear in the movies, either as part of the Avengers or at least assisting them in their heroic endeavours.

Palicki has been totally kick-ass in the role and would not be out of place alongside the likes of Captain America, Black Widow and the aforementioned Hawkeye - and seeing her alongside the latter bow and arrow-wielding hero could make for some humorous awkward scenes as they refer to a past relationship they had (especially now we know that they’ve both been married to other people).

There really is no reason why a role – whether it be big or small – in a movie like Captain America: Civil War or the Avengers: Infinity War movies shouldn’t come to fruition for the stunning heroine.


Deathlok AKA Mike Peterson – played excellently by Buffyverse alumni J. August Richards – has been fairly sparsely used during the first two seasons of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and that’s a bit of a shame really.

Although Richards’ version of the character is very different to the version (or versions, as there have been a few) in the comic books, the fact is he’s a very prominent character who, in his different guises, has encountered characters as well-known and varied as Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, Captain America, the Stranger, the X-Men, Nick Fury and the Punisher.

Although he has been part of both “good” (S.H.I.E.L.D.) and “evil” (Project Centipede) organisations in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Peterson’s Deathlok is something of a lost soul after his cybernetic enhancements. An appearance in Captain America: Civil War could change that, as the Superhuman Registration Act could give him purpose and a sense of belonging – and being on Tony Stark’s side in the war means the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist could give him some really cool upgrades.


Lorelei only appeared in two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and one of those was a fleeting appearance at the end of an episode to introduce her), but she made a real impact. Played by Elena Satine, she came to Earth to escape imprisonment on her native Asgard and used her power to enthral men to put together a small army of male servants.

In her second appearance, she was captured by Sif and taken back to Asgard, where it was specifically stated that she would be placed back into Odin’s custody.

Now, for those of us who have seen Thor: The Dark World, we know that Odin is currently incapacitated and that Loki is currently pretending to be the All-Father and ruling over the realm pretending to be his adopted dad.

With that in mind – and bearing in mind Loki is going to play a major part in Thor: Ragnarok – could Lorelei appear in that movie working alongside Loki? It would be very cool if she did.

Having Lorelei appear in such a movie would be a nice way to have another direct link between Asgard and the television shows (the other main one, of course, being the aforementioned Sif) and Loki having an ally who was capable of enthralling men would give him a powerful new tool to help him bring about Ragnarok.

Carl “Crusher” Creel

Carl "Crusher" Creel

Carl “Crusher” Creel

Carl “Crusher” Creel AKA Absorbing Man – played by Brian Patrick Wade – has so far appeared in two episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. A former boxer (a fact that has been referenced in the Daredevil television series), Creel has the ability to absorb the properties of anything he touches and he was used by HYDRA as a henchman thanks to his abilities.

At present, he is petrified and in military custody, after Phil Coulson used S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Overkill Device to disrupt his powers and turn him permanently to stone. Coulson then handed him over (in a Cryostasis Chamber) to General Glenn Talbot as a gesture of goodwill.

Of course, in the world of comic book villains, such predicaments are rarely permanent. The Absorbing Man concept is too good and has too much potential to merely leave it at that. As a result, Creel should definitely be given the opportunity to appear in a film in the future.

In the comic books, he has been a member of the Masters of Evil and, should they come to the big screen in the future, he could represent some of the muscle for that team in a fight against the Avengers. He has gone up against the likes of Hulk, Spider-ManThor and Captain America in the comic books and those battles could easily be recreated on screen.

In the movies, the number of items and abilities he could absorb would be almost limitless – the Infinity Stones, Captain America’s shield, Mjolnir and Hulk’s gamma radiation for example – and that would be really cool to see.


Daredevil has been a breath of fresh air since it first aired on Netflix earlier this year – and one of the key reasons for its success has been the brilliant portrayal of Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin by Full Metal Jacket and Jurassic World star Vincent D’Onofrio.

Like the show itself, D’Onofrio’s Kingpin has received universal acclaim. He has, thus far, been a brilliant, terrifying, complex and captivating villain.

Introduced as being almost shy and vulnerable, it turned out that – as expected, given the character he is based on – he is actually a powerful and ruthless criminal overlord with an almost supernatural level of control over the streets and the thugs he employs.

That level of power should bring him into conflict with the likes of the Avengers and, as a result, he really should be brought into the movies sooner rather than later – not least because D’Onofrio deserves it for his superb performance as the character.

It’s worth reminding people that, in addition to being a Daredevil villain, Kingpin is also very much a Spider-Man foe and, as a result, wouldn’t it also be cool to see a movie in which he is the antagonist to the Webbed Wonder?


Like Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, the star of the show in which the villain shines is equally deserving of a place in the movies – and that star is Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil.

Cox has achieved what many people thought was impossible after Ben Affleck’s awful portrayal of the Man Without Fear in the 2003 movie based on the character – he’s made Daredevil cool again.

Daredevil is a dark and gritty show and Cox makes the blind titular hero with heightened senses his own. Although the show is generally on a completely different level to the movies – the Avengers are there to save the world and Daredevil is there save the neighbourhood – it would undoubtedly be cool to see him in a movie.

As a vigilante, Daredevil is exactly the kind of character who could be caught up in the Superhuman Registration Act saga. By his very nature, he would likely want to side with Captain America’s anti-registration group and, as such, he’d be a very interesting addition to the cast of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. In fact, when Thanos comes to Earth in the Avengers: Infinity War movies, the heroes will need all the help they can get and Daredevil’s assistance would not go amiss.

What do you think? Would you like to see these guys make the crossover to the big screen? Which MCU television characters would you like to see appear in the movies? Have your say below.

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