5 More X-Men Villains We’d Love To See In Movies

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The villains in the X-Men movie franchise have been something of a mixed bag in terms of their quality. The likes of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Juggernaut in X-Men: The Last Stand were absolutely terrible, while the likes of Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class and the Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past were pretty good.

Mostly, however, the franchise has relied on the ongoing presence of Magneto to provide the threat – and he has been portrayed brilliantly by both Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen.

Omega Red

Omega Red is by no means as powerful as the likes of Apocalypse, but if Fox want to give an individual X-Men member another movie in the future, he would certainly be an awesome foe for that character.

There are plenty of other individuals for whom Omega Red could provide opposition, however, such as Colossus or Kestrel, so if any of those guys (or various X-Men spin-off teams) were to get movies of their own, he could appear.

His origins would need to be changed – he was part of an attempt to recreate Captain America’s super soldier serum and Cap isn’t part of Fox’s franchise – but his Carbonadium tentacles would look awesome in live action and his abilities to secrete a sickness-inducing pheromone and absorb opponent’s life-forces would be awesome to see on screen.

Cassandra Nova

Cassandra Nova would represent a very different kind of threat to anything seen before in the X-Men movies, as she is neither a mutant nor a human – and she’s also completely intangible.

She’s a member of the parasitic species of beings known as the Mummudrai, who are born bodiless on the astral plane and are essentially inadvertently created by the negative psionic energies on the physical plane – in essence, they are dark reflections of humanity.

Occasionally, members of the Mummudrai can crossover to the physical plane – and, given that they are capable of copying the DNA of living beings, this can make them extremely dangerous.

Most infamously, in the comic books, Cassandra Nova copied the DNA of Charles Xavier, becoming a powerful, bodiless telepath and caused havoc. She could create a body for herself, possess other living beings or operate whilst completely intangible – and that would make for a really interesting movie.


Proteus is Kevin MacTaggert – the son of existing X-Men movie character Moira MacTaggert – and he is one of the few X-Men villains who could truly present more of a threat than Apocalypse after he arrives in the franchise.

When his mutant abilities started to manifest in the comic books, he became a being of pure energy and was able to possess the bodies of humans in order to make himself tangible. However, such was the level of his power, he quickly burnt out every body he inhabited and had to move between bodies with alarming regularity – effectively killing people as he did so – in order to remain tangible.

His main power is that of reality warping – and that makes him one of the deadliest, most powerful foes the X-Men have ever faced, because he can effectively make anything he wants to happen occur just by willing it. He is also a very powerful telepath.

Like Cassandra Nova, he would represent a very different type of threat to anything seen before in an X-Men movie, as even killing the bodies he inhabit does nothing but free his energy form. He is, therefore, extremely hard to defeat.

Mister Sinister

Mister Sinister is a character strongly associated with Apocalypse in the comic books – Apocalypse being the major upcoming villain in the X-Men movie franchise – so it makes sense that he might appear on screen too and that would be no bad thing. He has also been shown to have manipulated Cyclops’ whole life for his own advantage.

Sinister – AKA Nathaniel Essex – has been an accomplice of Apocalypse, a foe of Apocalypse, has impersonated Apocalypse and has even had a pact with Apocalypse to make himself immortal, so he could easily be introduced to the movie universe.

Essex – who was born a human and became a scientist before being artificially augmented in various ways – has already been confirmed to exist in the X-Men movie universe, as his name was seen on screen in X2 when Mystique hacked into Lady Deathstrike’s computer.

He possesses a genius intellect and a huge variety of powers, including superhuman strength and durability, telepathy, a regenerative healing factor and shapeshifting. He’d be an awesome on-screen foe.


Onslaught would be absolutely perfect as the final villain in the X-Men movie franchise, as he was inadvertently created by the merging of the consciousnesses of two major existing characters in the franchise – Professor Xavier and Magneto.

During a battle in the comic books, Xavier telepathically shut down Magneto’s mind and rendered him catatonic. As a result of that, the darker side of Magneto’s mind escaped into Xavier’s mind, merging with it and ultimately forming a new being of immense power.

That being was Onslaught – a sentient psionic entity with the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, magnetism manipulation and reality warping. He forged himself some armour to give himself a body and subsequently possessed superhuman strength and durability to boot.

Onslaught would require Xavier, Magneto and all of the other mutants in the X-Men movie franchise to work together in a huge final battle – and what a fine way that would be to end the epic saga.

What do you think? Would you like to see these villains in X-Men movies? Which other X-Men rogues do you want to see? Have your say below.

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