More Doctor Strange Set Photos from Nepal!

UPDATE 2 - If Benedict Cumberbatch photos and a video from Doctor Strange set in Nepal weren't enough, good news is that we have the first look at Chiewetel Ejiofo as Baron Mordo and more Cumberbatch images! You can find those at the last page of this post!

UPDATE - A video and another bunch of new images from the set of Doctor Strange has surfaced online! Check those out at the end part of this post!

It was just yesterday when a guy from Nepal tweeted an image of Benedict Cumberbatch filming for some scene that pushed us to wake up and realize – IT’S NOVEMBER ALREADY AND DOCTOR STRANGE HAS KICKED OFF ITS FILMING! Kevin Feige didn’t announce that in back in April but for some strange reason we forgot about it!

That ambiguous image did help our eyes to treat with the first look at shabbily dressed Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange. If that was something GOOD for you, we have something even BETTER now! There’s a bunch more of images from the sets of Doctor Strange in Nepal that have surfaced on web in the last few hours!

Far Better Quality Images This Time!

The images that we’ve got today are of far better resolution than the one of yesterday. These are taken from different angles and offer a closer look at Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme. Thanks to ComicBookMovie, we have a compilation of NINE NEW IMAGES from Doctor Strange set. So, without any further delay, let’s check out the images below!

Cumberbatch on the set of Doctor Strange Shabby Cumberbatch on Doctor Strange set

Doctor Strange Set Photo 2 Another angle

Doctor Strange Set Photo 3 One more angle

Doctor Strange Set Photo 4 A close-up

On the next page – more images from the set of Doctor Strange and an indicating factor to whether Benedict Cumberbatch’s character will be American or British in the movie!