Man of Steel 2 - Amy Adams Says Script is "In The Works"!

The DC Extended Universe is about to expand vigorously, with the release of two or three movies each year for the next several years. Their timeline features mega-event movies, like next year’s Justice League, along with standalone movies for superheroes that include Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman, and The Flash. While there's no doubt that these movies will be rolling into theaters over the next few years, we don’t have any idea about when we'll get a sequel to Man of Steel.

Back in August, we came across a report suggesting that the DCEU’s second Superman standalone movie is in “active development”. It was also reported that Warner Bros. considers Henry Cavill’s Kryptonian superhero “a top priority”, and they're committed to making Man of Steel 2. But we haven’t heard anything about the project since then.

However, now we have a brief update about the sequel from Amy Adams, who portrays Lois Lane in the DCEU. While speaking to Hey U Guys, the 42-year-old actress confirms that there are people in the studio who are currently working on a script for Man of Steel 2. She says:

I read about Man of Steel 2 when you guys did. A lot of times I find out after the fact, which is fine, it’s completely normal, it’s not indicative of anything. But yeah, I know they’re working on a script and I know it’s in the works.

Warner Bros. has scheduled a number of DCEU installments for release in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Man of Steel 2 could be one of them. But it’s safe to assume that the one to hit the theaters in 2018 will be Ben Affleck’s The Batman. So we shouldn’t expect the second Superman movie to arrive any sooner than 2019.

Henry Cavill's Superman and Amy Adams' Lois Lane! Man of Steel 2 is indeed happening! (Photo Credit - DCEU Wikia)

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