Lumberjack – The First Villain for Supergirl

This was meant to happen, to find out about the first villain that Supergirl will face – and he is none other than… Lumberjack?!? Yes, we are as surprised as you, since this isn’t even a second tier villain in the DC lore.

As a matter of fact, Lumberjack appeared only one time in the DC comics, in an issue of the Wonder Woman comics, in 1980. He was one of the three assassins (the other two being Red Fang and Changeling) the Amazonian princess had to face. But other than that, there is nothing else to know about him. We can only suspect that this unknown villain had no chances against Wonder Woman.

Lumberjack – the Supergirl version

However, in the planned Supergirl series, Lumberjack will be an established villain with quite a lot of physical strength – thus being a worthy adversary for Kara Zor-El. How do we know that? Well, because CBS has announced that the actor who will play him is supposed to have a Rory McCann physique (he played the Hound in Game of Thrones). This isn’t all – the same casting call announced that Lumberjack has battled Kara’s cousin in the past.

And this is yet again a confirmation that Supergirl will be set in an universe in which Superman exists – will the Kryptonian make an appearance in the future episodes of the series? Who knows…

A hidden mastermind

Lumberjack of Supergirl and Shoveler of Mystery Men Lumberjack of Supergirl and Shoveler of Mystery Men

Of course, Lumberjack won’t have too many chances against Kara, who is as powerful as Superman himself. However, as the same casting call says, he will be just a pawn sent to see how powerful Supergirl is.

And this is great news, actually – this means that, most likely, this will be a one-time appearance for this unknown villain, leaving the coast cleared for much more powerful and worthy adversaries.

Why is he called Lumberjack?

Well, because he is one – pretty much like the Shoveler from Mystery Men...