Logan – Two New Clips Revealed

Logan will hit theaters worldwide in less than a month. And, unlike the previous Wolverine flicks, this installment will come out in the most violent (and comic book-accurate) way: It's rated R. So right now the fans' enthusiasm and excitement are going through the roof. The first two trailers showed the Logan we've always wanted, and the critics are already praising Hugh Jackman’s last outing as the mutant berserker.

And, as always when a release date is closing in, the studio has started providing additional bits of information about the movie – and they may be a bit too revealing, as far as we're concerned. Until now, we've only had basic knowledge about Logan. We haven't seen, for example, how deep the relationships are,  whether there are any secret villains, or where Laura was before she fled. But that's great.

The first clip teases the disappearance of the mutants – or is it just the disappearance of the X-Men? We think Caliban makes it pretty clear when he says that something is wrong with Wolverine, that he is not healing properly. Is this a hint that, for whatever reason, only some of the mutants are targeted? Check it out below:


Also – one last time, old man!

Logan (Coming Soon) Logan (Coming Soon)

The second clip might be even more revealing, especially for those who don’t know who Laura/X-23 is. It's pretty clear that her attitude is a family trait, and maybe the studio should have opted for keeping this a secret until the movie's release. Check it out below:


Also, are we the only ones who saw the final exchange as a confirmation that X-23 will appear in other X-Men movies, as well?

Logan (Coming Soon) Logan (Coming Soon)

Logan: March 3!