Don't Write Off the Lobo Movie!

The Lobo movie is apparently still happening. According to a new report, the studio is looking at Michael Bay as a possible director.

A recent rumor suggested that Lobo and the Deadshot-centric Suicide Squad spinoff were no longer in the cards at Warner Bros. The rumor seemed to be credible for a couple of reasons. The studio has juggled dozens of projects throughout the last several years, with very little evidence that any would would see the light of day.

In addition, the humongous Czarnian anti-hero's movie has been stuck in development hell since 2009. Directors Guy Ritchie and Brad Peyton both stepped down after devoting quite a bit of time to the project. On top of that, we heard exactly nothing about the movie for nearly two years. It really appeared that the project was pretty much dead.

But TheWrap recently reported that the studio wants Michael Bay to direct Lobo, and has even met with the Transformers director to discuss the project.

Michael Bay has asked for a rewrite of the Lobo script, which would also scale down the production budget! Michael Bay asked for a rewrite of the Lobo script, which could help pare down the production budget! (Photo Credit - Paramount Pictures)

Bay reportedly compiled “some notes” for screenwriter Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman), to “incorporate into a rewrite” of the script.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that, and added that if the studio decided to use the the current script, it would cost more than $200 million to make the movie. None of the people involved are willing to be that extravagant. According THR, the purpose of the script rewrite is to “scale down the project, while still keeping the director’s interest”.

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