Sony to Develop Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio Projects

A couple of years ago, Sony had plans to release several movies in an Amazing Spider-Man shared universe. Their ambitious plan included several spin-offs featuring characters such as Venom and the Sinister Six.

It all fell apart after the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, when Sony made their historic deal with Marvel and borrowed the web-crawler. But Sony left a door open, reserving the right to call on Peter Parker to appear in any movie.

Kevin Feige appeared to be confused when Amy Pascal said that Sony’s SpiderVerse is linked with the MCU. However, Sony chairman Tom Rothman confirmed that it was true during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. He also revealed that the Venom flick, which stars Tom Hardy, will feature the villain Carnage. He didn’t go so far as to mention whether Carnage would be the movie's main antagonist.

In regard to the future of the SpiderVerse, Sony announced that their Silver and Black movie would feature Spider-Man related characters Silver Sable and Black Cat. The rumor is that the movie will introduce additional superheroines and end with Silver Sable forming a kick-ass team similar to the Avengers.

Kraven the Hunter (Comic Vine)

Rothman didn’t address that rumor, but he said that there are plans to release more SpiderVerse movies. He revealed that villains Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio will both receive solo flicks.

At this point, we're absolutely certain that Peter Parker will appear in Sony’s SpiderVerse.

Mysterio (CBM)

Sony crammed as many red lines for future movies as it could into The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Maybe this new approach will yield better results.