Kevin Feige Teases an Eventual TV-Movie Crossover

Since Coulson made the jump from movies to TV, fans have wondered whether television characters might move into the big MCU movies. And now that Marvel and Netflix have brought DaredevilJessica Jones, the KingpinThe Purple Man, and others to life, people had begun to wonder even more. But the answer didn’t leave any doubt: It wasn't going to happen.

However, the end of the MCU’s third phase is closing in, and Kevin Feige has said that this will most likely mark the beginning of a phaseless universe. So we're asking again: Is there any chance that Daredevil and Co. will make the shift? The Inhumans will soon arrive at IMAX theaters, so it could happen, right?

Kevin Feige (Science Fiction)

During an interview with io9, Feige said that the future was a long way off, and with the number of shows currently in development, he couldn't say with certainty that small-screen characters would never appear on the big screen:

Not necessarily. The future’s a long time. So, the truth is, I don’t really know, but there are a lot of TV shows being made, and hopefully we’ll continue to make a lot of movies. At some point, there’s going to be a crossover. Crossover, repetition, or something.

This might signal another kind of change. We have to wonder how long it will be before Feige drops the reins of the MCU to focus on something new. Don’t get us wrong; there couldn’t have been anybody better than Feige. But the fact that he doesn’t know something about the future of the shared universe does make us think.

Inhumans (Marvel)

This is great news. And speaking of The Inhumans, maybe the Royal Family will find its way to the big screen. With such powerful characters working beside them, the Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes would have a better chance against the bigger threats that will follow Thanos.