Joss Whedon Reveals Which Avenger He’d Elect as President!

Joss Whedon, director of the first two Avengers movies, recently launched a PSA video featuring Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and some other familiar faces from Hollywood. In the video, the celebrities ask the people of United States of America to register to vote for the upcoming presidential election.

More recently, the director has taken it to Facebook for a live video chat (via Comic Book), during which he talks about politics and the election. A fan asks him which of the Avengers he would like to elect as the President of the United States…a question he must have seen coming after sharing The Save Day video. Whedon does respond to the question, but his answer might not be what you were expecting.

He names neither fan-favorite candidate Captain America, nor his favorite character Iron Man, but says he will “have to go with Hawkeye”! Why would he pick Clint Barton, of all the Avengers? Well, here’s how the director explains his choice:

He’s a man who is grounded. He not only has value, but he has a family - an actual family. He actually interacts with human people in a normal way. He has children he wants to protect. Every other Avenger? Let’s face it: They’re a little out there. They’re a little bit disconnected from the real world.

Whedon has a particular reason for why he wouldn’t want to see Tony Stark or Bruce Banner as president. According to the director:

Definitely don’t want Tony Stark to be president. He may be the smartest guy there - and although I love Bruce Banner - I’m thinking, as we’ve seen in this election cycle, somebody with a really bad temper is maybe not the best choice.

'Hawkeye for President' or 'I don't care'? "Hawkeye for President", or "I don't care"? (GIF via Giphy)

Do you agree with Joss Whedon? Whom among the Avengers would you have elected as the U.S. President? Share via comments!