Joker Origins Film Official Title and Release Date Revealed!

In the last couple of weeks, it became clear that Warner Bros is moving forward with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker origins film. In this way, we have found out that it will have a rather small budget ($55 million) and that it will start production this September.

It was also speculated that Robert De Niro is also wanted for a role by director Todd Philips. Another casting decision was announced, in the sense that Frances McDormand passed one what was assumed to be the role of Joker’s mother.

Nonetheless, there was still no official word from the studio concerning an official schedule. But this has changed!

Joaquin Phoenix in The Master (IMDB)

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Warner Bros made its mind up! According to the publication, the movie will be titled just Joker. Furthermore, a release date was also announced. With the movie beginning production this September, director Todd Phillips will have 13 months to finish the film.

Joker will be released on the 4th of October 2019. It will be the third DCEU flick to be released next year. It will follow Shazam! (5th of April) and will be followed by Wonder Woman 1984 (1st of November).

So it will be a pretty year, considering as well the DC movies Warner Bros also intends to shoot (Birds of Prey will be the first one).

In other Joker related news, The Hollywood Reporter has also revealed that the director is also searching for an actress to play the love interesta single mother who catches the interest of the man who will become the "clown prince of crime." So it can’t be certain that the feelings will be mutual.

THR also notes that Zazie Beetz is close to signing the deal. Zazie Beetz appeared this year as Domino in Deadpool 2 and will most likely appear in X-Force as well.

Zazie Beetz in Deadpool 2 (IMDB)

So what do you think? Are you excited as well about all this Joker news?