Jason Momoa Promises A Badass Aquaman

After a time of studied hesitation, Jason Momoa announced he will impersonate Aquaman. On the occasion of the last Comic-Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil, Momoa made up for all his past silence with some extra details on his contract with DC. The DCU Movie Page exploded last week with news about Momoa’s coming out after so much reserve.

His announcement did not cause much surprise. I guess anyone could have seen Aquaman written all over the gorgeous Hawaii-born actor ever since rumors started to pile up. Speculations were never solidly refuted by Jason Momoa: he only kept teasing the public. But now we know it for a fact! And we also know that he was contracted to play Aquaman a long time ago, but he couldn’t have made it public. Confidentiality clauses must have prevented him from airing it out.

Jason Momoa will deliver a “badass” King of the Seas

Aquaman will be a bad-ass, otherwise, they wouldn’t cast me for the role”, says the 35 years old actor. Well, strong intimidating characters do become Jason Momoa, so no challenge for him to bring that out in the Atlantean King.

The minor role he is to play in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not his only arrangement with DC. Momoa now speaks about 4 movies: he will give life to Aquaman in three more DC films. He didn’t specifically indicated, but we can connect the dots: Jason Momoa will grace us with an unprecedented King of the Seas in The Justice League Part One (to be released in mid-November, 2017) and in Aquaman (programmed for late-July, 2018).

The fourth one… that remains unknown. In which of the upcoming DC movies do you think Jason Momoa will be cast to play Aquaman / Arthur Curry? Comment here and let us know your thoughts.