James Gunn Teases Moon Knight

Considering how successful the Netflix-Marvel collaborations are, many fans are wondering what's in store for them in the future. There are plenty of Marvel superheroes out there who would feel at home in the darker corners of the MCU. And seeing that the Punisher exceeded all expectations and received his own solo series gives the fans even more hope.

One of the characters almost everybody is talking about is Moon Knight, or Marc Spector, a former marine who gained superhuman powers after encountering the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Time and time again, the character has been compared to Batman, even though the latter has no actual superhuman abilities. Basically, Spector is also a wealthy individual who has received martial arts training, although a different kind.

Moon Knight (Collider) Moon Knight (Collider)

It appears that right now Moon Knight has even greater chances of being adapted by Marvel – and, given that the director is a fan of the character, he might even appear on the big screen. And that is because James Gunn has said that he loves Moon Knight and that he wishes he had more time to pen (or even direct) a movie.

Check out the tweet below:


Naturally, this could be just what a fan (a famous one, and one who is also a part of the industry, of course) wishes. But wouldn’t it be great if something actually happened, even if just on the small screen? There are many who want this to happen. And if Marvel has proved something, it's proved that it can make awesome movies, even about the most obscure characters.

James Gunn (Geek Chic Elite) James Gunn (Geek Chic Elite)

This year, we'll enjoy Iron Fist and The Defenders on Netflix.