Inhumans: More on Black Bolt and Medusa

With a reported $200 million budget, Marvel’s Inhumans ranks among the most expensive eight-episode shows. But fans of the comic book’s Royal Family weren’t overly impressed when they got their first look at Black Bolt and Medusa. And the first trailer failed to change their minds, mainly because it appears that the characters lack the traits that made them so iconic in the first place.

When asked whether Blackagar Boltagon would wear his iconic mask, Black Bolt actor Anson Mount dodged the question:

Dude, one of the tricks of this kind of adaptation from the graphic novel world to a live-action is have to ground it. You have to ground it in a way that makes these characters more accessible to a viewing audience, rather than to a reading audience. It’s a colder medium. They are not participating. Even if the novel is graphic, it’s still a hotter medium. There are certain aspects of the character in the world that are a bit more grounded than what you’d see in the graphic novels (via CBM).

SDCC Inhumans poster (IGN)

Take from that answer what you will...

As for Medusa, most fans feel that her wig ruins her as a character, but actress Serinda Swan said that the prosthetic was necessary to the role. She added that learning to act with such long hair made her appreciate the character and her powers even more:

So learning that is definitely a skill set know, I like doing my own stunts. I like being active, but I never thought of my hair as a weapon or as a protection system or even something as easy as getting water, because she can do everyday things with her hair…So learning how to just get through everyday life with that...Like, I got to break for lunch. How do I do this? One gust of wind, and I’m in massive amounts of trouble, so I’m appreciating her. She has to have control of it because otherwise, as a normal human, not having control of it is a nightmare (via Screen Rant).

Black Bolt (Screen Rant)

So, even though we don’t care for the wig, it appears that it was essential in bringing the character and her superpowers to life:

You will definitely see her hair have moods. There will be some moody hair. You know, because that’s her! You know, it’s the same as when you are in an argument, and your fists curl. When you are meeting someone and you’re nervous, your hands sweat. It’s her. And it is all of that. And it’s a little less when she is out in public because she is like, “ I am queen.” Because it would be slightly distracting if I’m doing, if I was like this during the whole interview, you guys would be like, “What is going on?” So she controls it when she is out in public, but you’ll see a much more intimate side with her and her hair with Black Bolt (via Screen Rant).

Medusa and Black Bolt (Screen Rant)

Inhumans will debut its first two episodes in IMAX theatres on the 1st of September.