Homecoming Post-Credits Scene Revealed

While promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming, director Jon Watts teased that there may be more credits scenes in the movie than in previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films. At that time, we clearly saw the influence Guardians of the Galaxy and (especially) James Gunn had over upcoming Marvel releases.

With today's release of Spider-Man: Homecoming, details about the credits scenes are emerging. Of course, there are huge spoilers here, so only read on if you don't mind them!

Spoiler (MTV)

The latter of the two Homecoming credits scenes, which has no impact on the MCU, features Captain America making a public service announcement to teach the audience about patience. It appears that its sole purpose is to have fun.

The mid-credits scene may hint at plans for the Homecoming sequel. Spider-Man has captured Vulture, who is now in prison, which is a big spoiler, since the villain doesn’t die in this movie. Toomes meets Mac Gargan there, after leaving him for dead after the ferry battle.

But Gargan blames Spider-Man for this and wants revenge, so he asks Toomes about the superhero’s secret identity, which Toomes already discovered. Gargan hints at revenge by saying that he knows a couple of guys on the outside.

Toomes doesn’t divulge Spider-Man’s true identity, most likely because the hero saved him after the movie’s final battle. This could be his way of showing respect or returning the favor.

Gargan's comment that he knows people on the outside could indicate that a team of supervillains will unite against the web-crawler in the sequel. Actor Michael Mando has already confirmed that Gargan is Scorpion from the comics.


Does this mean that we’ll see the Sinister Six in the sequel?

Sinister Six (Movie Web)

It's possible. However, we doubt that Sony, which is launching its own SpiderVerse with Venom, would agree to this. Also, at the time of the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the reported initial plans were to have the Sinister Six movie lead up to Peter Parker’s death.

In combination with Kevin Feige's statement about Tom Holland appearing in just five MCU movies from Captain America: Civil War through the Homecoming sequel, these old plans could lead us to the conclusion that's been rumored since Amy Pascal confused everyone with her Marvel reality statement.

If you're wondering what's up with that Tom Holland/Batman pic, check this out!


Do you think Homecoming 2 will introduce the Sinister Six? Will it be the final MCU flick to feature Peter Parker?