History of Hawkeye: A Guide to Understanding the Most Underrated Avenger

All right, folks, listen up. I wrote about the best Avengers teams a week or so back, and in that article, I talked about how Hawkeye is without a doubt the second-best Avenger. Some people took issue with that, but some people seemed more questioning and unsure as to why I made that claim. And for you all, I wanted to take this opportunity to help educate you.

So, here we go! Now you can learn all about Hawkeye’s pure amazing-ness.

For the record, Captain America is the best Avenger, duh.

Source: reviewingcomics.com

Chapter 1: Origin

Clint Barton and his brother Barney were born and grew up in Iowa. They lost their parents at a young age, and spent years bouncing around the foster system, until they did what everyone in the Twenties did: They ran away and joined the circus. Admittedly, due to the sliding nature of continuity, this apparently now happened in the Eighties, but okay.

In the circus, Trick Shot and The Swordsman trained them in archery. One day, Clint caught the Swordsman stealing from the carnival, and got the hell kicked out of him.

Clint continued to work with the circus as Hawkeye, Master Archer, until he saw Iron Man and was inspired to be a hero. Unfortunately, he fell under the Black Widow’s sway and became a costumed criminal instead, fighting his idol in single combat.

Hawkeye fought as a criminal for a while, but eventually Black Widow left him, and he decided to just get back to being a hero, as he originally wanted.