Guardians of the Galaxy Cast Releases Statement in Support of James Gunn

The firing of James Gunn was the most talked event of this year’s San Diego Comic Con. And that is because it was completely unannounced and contradicted previous roles the director received in the expansion of the MCU.

Reactions, from both fans and actors, appeared almost as soon as James Gunn’s firing was announced. Dave Bautista was the first one to take the director’s side, while other Guardians shared their love for their movie family. Michael Rooker went as far as quitting Twitter completely.

James Gunn and the Guardians (James Gunn's Facebook Page)

And now the entire cast has released a statement, in which it is clear that they support James Gunn. While they don’t agree with the jokes the director has made years ago, for them it is clear that the firing came because of Gunn’s most recent tweets.

The director has been very vocal recently about the current political situation. And, as it is said in the Guardians’ statement, he won’t be the last one to pay for voicing his opinions.

Check out Chris Pratt’s post on Instagram below:


Check out Dave Bautista’s post on Twitter below:


As soon as the news that James Gunn was hired hit the web, the fans started signing a petition to have him reinstated at the helm of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. At this moment, more than 335 thousand fans have already signed the petition.

So everybody supports the director. But we guess that only the actors’ voices could make a difference. And now, after they have been heard (asking for the same thing), who knows what will happen?

Maybe Disney will have a change of heart and rehire the director.

But what do you think? Should the studio do this? And, if so, should James Gunn accept to return?