10 Comic Book Movie Credits Scenes That Meant Nothing

These days, mid and post-credits scenes are an almost essential facet of comic book movies. They're something fans look forward to greatly and it's extremely disappointing in the rare instances that there aren't any in the modern day (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we're looking at you!).

That being said, something that can be equally disappointing is when the scenes in question turn out to be pointless. Sometimes, you can tell when you watch them that they're meaningless. Others could potentially lead to something, but end up meaning nothing in the long run.

Scenes like Nick Fury turning up after Iron Man's credits had rolled and Thor's hammer showing up in the desert after Iron Man 2 were iconic, and led to something bigger - and that's how credits scenes should be done.

This article will run through ten examples of movie credits scenes that were, in one way or another, meaningless.

Shawarma (The Avengers)

The Avengers eating Shawarma. Source: Marvel Studios The Avengers eating Shawarma. Source: Marvel Studios

This was a very popular little scene, so some people might be somewhat perturbed by its inclusion on this list, but the fact is it was actually something of an anticlimax.

Although delightful in its execution - it was a cute throwback to a line Tony Stark had delivered earlier in the movie - the post-credits scene in 2012's The Avengers was one from which fans expected more.

Having been treated to the first appearance of none other than Thanos himself in the mid-credits scene, audiences waited several more minutes only to be "treated" to the Avengers eating shawarma in silence in the wreckage of a New York eatery. Fun? Yes. Meaningful? Absolutely not.

Let's now move on to a DC movie entry (the only one on this list, actually).

Sinestro Corps (Green Lantern)

Sinestro. Source: Warner Brothers Sinestro. Source: Warner Brothers

One of the only good things about 2011's Green Lantern movie was Mark Strong's Sinestro. He was every bit as formidable as the villain in the comic books - even though he was actually in his original heroic form in this movie.

With that in mind, it was actually quite exciting when the mid-credits showed the character taking the yellow ring of fear and placing it on his finger, causing his green suit and eyes to change to yellow.

It would have potentially led to the evil Sinestro Corps appearing in a sequel but, thanks to the movie being terrible, no sequel actually ended up being made and the scene in question became a waste of time.

Now let's look at one of Fox's Marvel offerings for another mid-credits scene that ended up being a waste of time.

The Surfer Awakens (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)

The Silver Surfer. Source: Fox The Silver Surfer. Source: Fox

Everyone appreciates the 2005-2007 Fantastic Four movies a little bit more these days, after 2015's reboot showed just how bad said movies could actually have been. That being said, they still weren't great.

But the second movie in the first franchise - Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - introduced the shiny titular Herald of Galactus, and he wasn't actually that bad.

So, after he appeared to perish in the main body of the movie, it was good to see him awaken whilst floating around in space in the mid-credits scene. It meant he could appear again, should the franchise continue. But it didn't, which rendered the scene in question pointless.

It's time to look at the only Sony Pictures offering in this list.

The Man in the Shadows (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Curt Connors and Gustav Fiers. Source: Sony Pictures Curt Connors and Gustav Fiers. Source: Sony Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man franchise can only be described as a flop. It was, after all, the last straw before Marvel Studios opted to make their move to bring Spidey over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe - although Sony certainly had big plans for it initially.

The mid-credits scene of 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man saw Curt Connors being visited in his jail cell by "the man in the shadows" - Gustav Fiers - who suggested that he would be toying with Peter Parker's life in the future.

He was later seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, discussing the possibility of putting together a villainous team in the franchise (the Sinister Six, we assume), but none of what he discussed about making Parker's life hell came to fruition, making his very existence in the franchise meaningless.

Time for another humorous Marvel Cinematic Universe post-credits scene that meant nothing.

The Frost Monster (Thor: The Dark World)

The Frost Monster. Source: Marvel Studios The Frost Monster. Source: Marvel Studios

There's nothing wrong with a funny scene in the credits of any given movie, but when you've already bypassed a genuinely productive one in the middle of the credits, it's always something of an anticlimax.

Granted, this particular scene at the end of 2013's Thor: The Dark World also showed that Thor had returned to Earth, ready to rejoin the Avengers - we knew that would happen anyway - but showing the Frost Monster running around London chasing pigeons was just pointless.

We'd already seen the introduction of the Collector in the mid-credits scene ready for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which was genuinely interesting and forward-thinking, but showing the Frost Monster was a waste of time and not worth waiting for - especially as it hasn't been seen or mentioned since.

Another Fox entry now, as we move on to another scene that ultimately led to nothing.

Bullseye's Still Got it (Daredevil)

Bullseye impales a fly. Source: Fox Bullseye impales a fly. Source: Fox

2003's Daredevil was an awful movie, end of story. There's no two ways about it - it was terrible. Nobody wanted a sequel - and it was, in fact, a miracle that Fox bothered to produce an Elektra spin-off - but the mid-credits scene did suggest that there might be more to come.

It showed Colin Farrell's Bullseye, in a prison hospital and severely bandaged after his confrontation with the titular Matt Murdock, proving that he still possessed perfect aim after impaling a fly with a syringe needle and saying, "Bullseye."

The implication was obvious - Bullseye could potentially return - but the movie was such rubbish that a sequel was never made and, as a result, the scene ended up meaning nothing.

Now, on to a scene involving, arguably, the worst comic book movie character of all time.

Deadpool Lives (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Deadpool. Source: Fox Deadpool. Source: Fox

Oh God...just thinking about this version of Deadpool (especially after the brilliant version we were finally given this year) makes my blood boil and my eyes well up. And to think Fox hinted toward giving us more of him in this post-credits scene!

2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine had a variety of scenes in its credits that differed depending on where you watched it, but this particular scene - thankfully - ended up being meaningless.

It came after Wolverine had decapitated Deadpool in the movie's final fight, sending his head and body to the bottom of the cooling tower they were fighting on, and the cooling tower subsequently collapsed. The scene shows Deadpool's arm searching for his decapitated head, which suddenly opens its eyes. Thankfully, despite the hint, we never saw this version of the character again and the scene was, therefore, meaningless.

Now, let's move on to another scene from the X-Men movie franchise.

Xavier's Voice (X-Men: The Last Stand)

Moira MacTaggert. Source: Fox Moira MacTaggert. Source: Fox

2006's X-Men: The Last Stand saw Patrick Stewart's Professor Charles Xavier brutally murdered by Jean Grey's Phoenix alter-ego, as she completely disintegrated him with her massive telekinetic powers in her childhood home.

That appeared to be the end of Xavier, as his body literally no longer existed, but the people behind X-Men: The Last Stand clearly had plans to bring him back in another body.

The movie's post-credit scene saw Moira MacTaggert checking on a comatose patient, who greets her in Xavier's voice, much to her shock. It is believed the patient was Xavier's brain-dead brother and the intention was obviously to bring him back in his brother's body. However, he reappeared in his own body in the mid-credits scene of 2013's The Wolverine, rendering that scene meaningless.

It's now time to look at another fun Marvel Cinematic Universe scene that won't mean anything in the long-term.

Howard the Duck (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Howard the Duck. Source: Marvel Studios Howard the Duck. Source: Marvel Studios

2014's Guardians of the Galaxy was a massive surprise success and is, undoubtedly, one of the best comic book movies of all time. Given that it expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe out into the distant cosmos, the possibilities for further expansion were almost endless - and a great opportunity to do that came in the form of the credits scenes. Sadly, the opportunity was wasted.

There was only one scene and it came after the credits. It saw Benicio del Toro's Collector in his destroyed museum drinking with one of his living exhibits - Howard the Duck.

Howard had already appeared as an Easter egg in the background of the movie itself, and having him appear in the credits was therefore quite pointless. Moreover, the fact is that Marvel Studios will never use him again. Why couldn't they have used this scene to introduce someone awesome like Nova or Quasar? Such a waste.

Now on to our final entry, which is another MCU offering.

Stark's Story (Iron Man 3)

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Source: Marvel Studios Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Source: Marvel Studios

In spite of its enormous financial success, 2013's Iron Man 3 was a very disappointing Tony Stark outing and one of the poorer movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - and that fact wasn't helped by a very underwhelming post-credits scene.

After sitting through the farce that was the story about the fake Mandarin, viewers patiently waited until after the credits had rolled in the hope that something would happen to make them smile - but it didn't.

All that happened after the credits was a reveal that Stark had been telling the story of Iron Man 3 to Bruce Banner, who had fallen asleep listening to it. Essentially, audiences had waited for nothing.

And that's that! We hope you enjoyed this article, folks!

What do you think? Did these comic book movie credits scenes mean nothing? Can you think of any that were even more pointless? Have your say below!