Gotham Showrunner Talks On 2nd Half

The first half of the Batman prequel television series, Gotham, has been a journey of mixed reactions from the fans and critics. The premiere episode proved to be the best debut drama at Fox since the first the second millennium had started. But many have remarked on the show as to have disappointed their expectations and pretty weak in comparison to other DC television adaptations.

However, the second half of the season has already kicked off with the episode, Rogues’ Gallery, last Monday. The midseason premiere episode grabbed the largest overall audience since its second episode, Selina Kyle. How’s the rest of the second half going to be? In a recent interview with ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, the developer and executive producer of the Fox series, Bruno Heller, dropped a few hints on what we would be viewing in remaining half of the season.

Gotham To Have More Of Bruce Wayne!


In the interview, Bruno Heller stated that the second half of the first season of Gotham will have young Bruce Wayne more than they had planned. He admitted that he didn’t want to focus much on the character as he was unsure of whether a child actor could do justice to that. But Bruno has been surprised with the performance of David Mazouz and feels confident that David can deliver up to his expectation when he writes more dramatic scenes to him. “We’ve definitely written to him more than we would have otherwise” said the showrunner.

Selina & Fish To Do Something Shocking!


Bruno added that the relationship between young Bruce and Camren Bicondova’s Selina Kyle will grow, develop and change with ups and downs in the back half of Gotham. He stated that Camren’s character will do ‘something incredibly shocking’.

Bruno also said the same about Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney. According to him, Jada’s character will be placed in a situation where it appears impossible that she could get out of it. The Gotham showrunner also stated that Fish’s relationship with Drew Powell’s Butch Glizean and Robin lord Taylor’s Penguin will be ‘pushed to the limit’.

Nygma To Transform To A Great Extent!

Copy of nygma

Bruno also avowed that there will be a drastic transformation in Cory Michael Smith’s character Edward Nygma. He will take ‘a giant step forward’ which helps him on his way to ‘becoming the man he becomes’.

Gotham showrunner, however, skipped revealing anything about Gordon. He concluded saying that if one has liked the first half of Gotham, that person would love the back half. He thinks so, what do you think though?