October 14, 2017
Gambit Reportedly a Crime/Heist Movie

We recently learned that Gambit finally locked down a new release date: February 2019. This is great news for Gambit fans, since the movie's been delayed several times. In addition, it appears that the studio has also settled on Gore Verbinski (the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies) as director.

The most recent reports from Omega Underground say that Gambit will be another genre-splicing X-Men movie. According to OU's Christopher M, Gambit will be a crime/heist movie.

Gambit release date and working title revealed! Release date and working title (Chess) for Gambit revealed! (Photo Credit - Marvel)


Twentieth Century Fox enjoyed great success with Deadpool and Logan, neither of which is a typical comic book movie. With the release of the New Mutants trailer, the studio proved that they're always willing to try new things in relation to genre. So it would make sense for Gambit to follow that same recipe.

And a crime/heist film stays true to the character’s origins and history as a thief.

This year has proved that, when done right, a heist movie can resonate with both critics and audiences. Baby Driver and Logan Lucky were both great fun. With Gambit's comic book connection to the Thieves Guild, it makes sense that his first solo movie should center on crime and the criminal underworld.

Gambit (Marvel Wikia)

For the moment, we know that Gambit will be released on February 14, 2019.