Final Trailers for Fantastic Four

In the end, the ordeal will be over and maybe, just maybe, Fox will wonder why it didn’t market Fantastic Four the way any superhero movie should be. Why did they prolong the waiting of the fans for so long. Why didn’t they trust the director and the actors.

And many other questions. For what is worth, the last 2 trailer for Fantastic Four (released both, today) look more than decent – as far as the FX are concerned. But you never know – and, again, another question will rise.

Check out below the 2 final trailers!

First final trailer for Fantastic Four

Doom Doom

The first final trailer for Fantastic Four (yeah, we know how that sounds) was actually released as being just the second – which it is. But it is also marketed as the first final one. Which is more than just confusing…

In any way… Check it out below!

As you can see, there has been work done on the FX. Even scenes which appeared in the previous trailers have been changed. Sure enough, one question would be: what is it with all that green, which flows through the cracks and which seems to flow through Doom’s veins?

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