Feige Teases an MCU All-Female Team-Up Movie

The Marvel Cinematic Universe introduced Black Widow after 2010’s Iron Man 2, but other female superheroines have been scarce. Gamora was also ushered in, but she's part of an ensemble. And we all know that Captain Marvel will be the first MCU solo flick to actually focus on a superheroine.

The situation is even worse for female supervillains. Most notably, Marvel was against having a female antagonist in Iron Man 3, simply because the studio believed that the movie wouldn’t sell as much merchandise (which is sure to change with Hela).

Valkyrie (Marvel)

With all that in mind, hearing that Tessa Thompson steals the show in Thor: Ragnarok certainly raises our expectations for the MCU's future in regard to main characters who happen to be female. Apparently, Kevin Feige, who previously said that a Black Widow movie would happen at some point, is actually considering a movie with an all-female team-up at its core!

Black Widow (Marvel)

Playlist  reported that Tessa Thompson and other MCU actresses asked Feige if he’d be interested in a "movie with some female superheroes? Like all of them". The website noted that Feige was actually amazed by the idea, mainly because those actresses were there, waiting for an answer:

It was a pretty amazing moment to be somewhere and have your shoulder tapped, and turn around to find that every female hero we have is standing there going, "How about it?" And I said, "Yes."

Scarlet Witch (Marvel)

Tessa Thompson also came up with an idea from the comics: A movie with The Lady Liberators, which would include Valkyrie, Black Widow, Wasp, and Scarlet Witch (we’re just mentioning characters who are already present in the MCU).

Wasp (Comic Vine)

What do you think? Did Kevin Feige mean what he said? Or did he answer on the spur of the moment, as the actresses awaited his response?