Deadpool Movie Rated Officially!

Deadpool is going to be a new and different kind of superhero movie – that’s what the makers have promised right from the very beginning. Those who are familiar with comics would say that’s how it should actually be. The Merc with a Mouth can be called the ‘most unconventional anti-hero’. A movie telling the story of such a character needs to be different!

There’s another superhero movie coming later this year which also promises to be different - Suicide Squad. The David Ayer flick is a story about a bunch of badass supervillains, including psychotic and gruesome ones like The Joker, Harley Quinn and Enchantress. But one of the producers of the movie confirmed that they are looking for a PG- 13 rating for the movie. They want that rating for Suicide Squad because they want to make the DC Extended Universetonally consistent’.

Deadpool, however, doesn’t care about such consistency in the X-Men Universe. They have declared right from the beginning that they want it to be rated R while other movies of the cinematic universe are rated PG -13. With exactly 30 days remaining before the movie hits the theaters, you can now be sure that they aren’t backing off! It's been rated officially by the MPAA! No surprise - it’s an officially R RATED movie now!

The movie earned the rating due to ‘strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity’ (via Box Office Mojo)! That’s what we expected, we didn’t we?

Wade Wilson vs. Deadpool Mask!

Ryan Reynolds has shared a new photo of himself as scarred Wade Wilson along with his own mask. Both have got their tongues out! Check out the funny photo below (via Facebook)!

Wade Wilson vs. Deadpool mask! Wade Wilson vs. Deadpool mask!

Are they going to engage in a TONGUE WAR? Who knows, it’s Deadpool after all!

Deadpool Movie Joins Snapchat!

Deadpool movie has stayed active for a while now in different social media networks and now it has joined a new one! The movie has joined the popular messaging app with 7 billion daily videos views - Snapchat! Here’s the announcement!

Deadpool official rating, new photo and arrival at Snapchat – share your thoughts on each or either of these via comments!