Deadpool Movie got Green Light within 24 Hours of Test Footage Leak!

Back in February 2004, we first came to know that a Deadpool movie is in development with Ryan Reynolds in the titular role. And the movie is finally releasing on February 12, 2016! That is why, during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the Canadian actor said that he’s had ‘the best and worst relationship’ ever with the Merc with a Mouth!

We know it well that Deadpool movie got green light very soon after test footage for the movie was leaked online. The footage leaked on web in July 2014 and 20th Century Fox gave the movie an official release date in September that year. But Ryan Reynolds claimed in the BBC comedy chat show that it took a very short time after the test footage leak for the movie to get green light. How much time? Within a day! Here’s what Reynolds said (via Comic Book):

That test footage sat on a shelf at Fox for four years, then about a year and a half ago, somebody accidentally leaked it on the Internet....And it just went nuts. The people started writing and flooding Fox, begging and pleading for the Deadpool movie to get made. Within twenty-four hours, we had a green light. We were making it.

Director’s Cut of Deadpool Movie is ‘Even More Raw’!

Deadpool movie was screened a few weeks back for a small section of fans and the reactions were very overwhelming. The movie is filled with violence, humor and sex – everything in raw and crude state! But T.J. Miller, the cast for Weasel, claims that the director’s cut of the movie - that will later release in DVD and Blu-Ray – will be ‘even more raw’! Here’s the clip that a fan shot and shared featuring Miller's statement.

Deadpool Launches and Pulls Out Presidential Candidacy!

DEADPOOL FOR PRESIDENT! Yes, Marvel’s Most Unconventional Anti-hero recently announced his decision to explore a run for President! Don’t believe it? Check out the following image posted by the official Facebook page of Deadpool movie!

Deadpool for President Deadpool for President!

You might be disappointed to know that Deadpool withdrew his presidential candidacy hours later! Here’s a message that he shared via his movie’s official Facebook page!

Deadpool Not for President Deadpool NOT for President!

Deadpool Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness in New Clip!

Pretty recently, the Merc hilariously endorsed ‘Touching Yourself’ for men via a video message! Now, he has shared another ‘Touching Yourself’ video message that promotes breast cancer awareness! Check it out below!

Less than one fortnight remains before Deadpool movie hits the theaters and the movie’s official Twitter account released the following new image to remind you that!

Deadpool new image The countdown is on!

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