Deadpool – Could Spider-Man Cameo?

One of the biggest surprises of this year’s Deadpool wasn’t the success of the movie. For some, including us, it was the tease at the end of the movie. Of course, we are talking about the big Helicarrier in which the final act took place. And why was it a surprise?

Because thus far Marvel was the only one to have used the name and the design of the ginormous aircraft. And with this special tease, Deadpool might have ushered in a new age of collaboration between studios. We know you've also thought about that – what if Marvel and Fox joined hands and borrowed characters from each other?

Spider-Man and Deadpool Spider-Man and Deadpool (Bleeding Cool)

While promoting the Blu-ray release of Deadpool, Simon Kinberg and Tim Miller talked about the possibility of bringing Wade Wilson together with other Marvel-owned superheroes, in particular with Spider-Man (since in the comics Wade is a fan of the web slinger):

We would love it. I mean, Tim and I talked about it quite a bit. We grew up on comics that did it all the time, quite freely. Not just within the Marvel Universe, but outside the Marvel Universe. So it'd be rad to see it. Those decisions are made by people at a much higher part of the food chain than Tim and I - we just go execute it. But yeah, we would love it, and we certainly each have a really good relationship with Kevin Feige. Maybe one day there's a sit-down, Godfather-style dinner where we could broker a deal. It'd be cool.

Where could the problem lie? In the fact that such a deal is a very difficult one, from a particular point of view, as Miller says:

I honestly can say, as an adult who works in this industry, you certainly can see all the reasons why it doesn't happen. The corporate inertia, just the lawyering of that deal alone is so daunting that I don't think anybody would seriously consider it. But as a fan, you just want to go, " man! Why can't I see that?" Because that's what I got in comic books.

So... (Comic Planet Culture For Life) So... (Comic Planet Culture For Life)

Yes. But what about that sweet tease at the end of Deadpool? We certainly don’t believe that Feige had no idea that the SHIELD vehicle would be used in one of the competition’s movies.

Doctor Strange is coming and, with him, the possibility of discovering new dimensions and, some say, new alternate universes. Maybe a crossover could be made afterwards and Spider-Man could cameo in one of Fox’s Marvel flicks. We know we’d want that.

Do you think Spider-Man will cameo in a Deadpool movie in the future? The possibility exists, as Miller said, though it could be very difficult.

Actually, not so much (Movie Pilot) Actually, not so much (Movie Pilot)