Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut Confirmed!

Although Deadpool 2 has been in theaters since May 15, but it will still make its presence felt at San Diego Comic Con 2018. And with Dark Phoenix and New Mutants delayed due to reshoots, the Deadpool sequel will be the only Fox movie to appear.

Ryan Reynolds and Co. actually have a few surprises in store, even for fans who've seen Deadpool 2. They've taken the extended cut concept one step further with the planned release of a Super Duper Cut!

The Super Duper Cut (CBM)

Check out the official announcement below:


Fox made a similar move when they announced the X-Men: Days of Future Past extended cut at SDCC. But there may be even bigger surprises this year!

With the Disney/Fox deal still up in the air, fans are hoping that the Deadpool saga will continue. Ryan Reynolds hasn't said anything about a third solo movie, but we know that X-Force is on its way. When Domino and Cable were introduced in this year’s sequel, we thought we'd seen the entire X-Force team. We were so wrong!

While it's just speculation at this point, we could learn when the X-Force movie will begin production at SDCC. Attendees can be certain that a super duper special screening of Deadpool 2: Uncut will take place at the end of the day (via Screen Rant), and some additional surprises may be in store.

Note: The Deadpool 2 home edition - which includes the Super Duper Cut - will be available for digital download on August 7. The Blu-ray version is scheduled for an August 21 release.

Deadpool 2 (Digital Spy)

After nearly eight weeks in theaters, Deadpool 2 has brought in $727 million worldwide.