DC Extended Universe – The Latest Rumors

Given the poor critical performances of this year, it can be expected that the DCEU’s schedule will be altered in some way in the following months. A big change already occurred with the arrival of Geoff Johns as the head of the DC shared universe, news which made many Zack Snyder detractors happy.

And, as expected, there are quite a few rumors concerning the changes to be made to the already announced schedule. Besides that, there are already existing rumors concerning villains and superheroes, all in light of the recent Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

So which are the most interesting rumors out there? This list is all about that, about (basically, at this point) the hopes of the DCEU fans. It appears that Warner Bros. has already mapped the future of the DCEU until 2025…

So grab your salt and check it out! Who knows? Maybe some of these will turn out to be true (as I hope).

Let’s start with the hottest thing, shall we?