Civil War: Major Fight Scene Ends Up on the Cutting Room Floor

Captain America: Civil War scores another hit for Marvel – the movie has already made $705 million (and change) worldwide, and the critics love it! Of course, it could have been better, as some say. But still – as a franchise finale and as the beginning of a new MCU phase, it simply rocks!

If you read on, there will be some spoilers – including a pic from the movie!

Falcon and Bucky approved Falcon and Bucky approved

And it could have been better, according to writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who recently revealed that a major action piece ended up on the cutting room floor. It might seem one-sided, but this fight was between Captain America and Black Widow - a couple with great chemistry - during Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

So why was the scene cut from Civil War? Well, it added too much time to the final cut. According to the writers, they didn’t know beforehand whether the movie would work without this scene. We guess that it did, since we didn’t even notice that something might have been missing. Will we ever see it?

Mum’s the word for now. But who would have won? As we mentioned, it seems like a pretty one-sided fight, between an actual superhero and a ballerina. But we might have been surprised, if the scene had made it into the final cut. According to the writers, it would have been a surprise, since the fight didn’t actually end.

Captain America and Black Widow (Movie Pilot) Captain America and Black Widow (Movie Pilot)

We guess it played out like the fight between Hawkeye and Black Widow, a fight that ended abruptly when Scarlet Witch intervened.

And here's the new, official Civil War pic mentioned earlier, featuring the biggest appearance from the movie. Literally, it was the highlight (or the highlights, since the way the character was defeated was epic) of the airport fight scene.

Check out Ant-Man in Civil War!

The bigger they are... (CBM) The bigger they are... (CBM)