Captain Marvel – Kevin Feige Provides Some New Info

While the Captain Marvel solo movie, focused on the Carol Danvers character, won’t arrive until late 2018 (well after the first Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 movie), can we expect some info about the flick in the upcoming months? Well, simply put it, no – and this info comes from Kevin Feige himself, the man considered the mind behind the success of the MCU.

But this is just the simple version of the answer. And that is because Kevin Feige himself offered some new updates on the movie and the character herself. So what did he say about Captain Marvel?

No announcements, but…

Captain Marvel Captain Marvel

… Captain Marvel was actually supposed to appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron. To mark the release of this year’s Avengers DVD, Kevin Feige gave an ample interview concerning all Marvel related projects. Obviously, he also talked about certain cameos which were supposed to be featured in Age of Ultron. Unsurprisingly (given the rumors which said that Captain Marvel will appear at the end of the Avengers film), he did confirm this rumor.

But Feige didn’t just confirm it. He also gave further explanation concerning this new character. According to him, Captain Marvel was written to appear when Captain America greets the new Avengers. Thus, besides Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and War Machine, Danvers was also supposed to make an appearance.

What happened and why didn’t they include the scene (which was shot, by the way)? Check out on the next page!