Bettany and Stan Tease Infinity War Trailer

After the release of Thor: Ragnarok, we can see why Marvel hasn’t released an Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer, even after an exclusive clip was screened for attendees at this year’s D23 Expo and Comic Con. But now, the final Thor solo flick is already a success, with a worldwide box office take of $650 million in its first ten days in theaters, so we can expect to finally see the Infinity War teaser in the near future.

Before Ragnarok was released, we'd heard that the Infinity War directors were still working on putting a clip together for all to see, and it now appears that the teaser is ready.

Infinity War (Marvel)

Paul Bettany (Vision) and Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) did all they could to hype the clip at Rhode Island Comic Con. Bettany said that he saw the clip on director Joe Russo’s phone, and proceeded to rave about how badass and amazing it was.

Stan added that Avengers: Infinity War won’t waste any time with setting up the story, since that was already done in previous films. So the movie will unleash the Infinity War in the very first scene!

The actors also teased romances for both Vision and the Winter Soldier. Along with the previous MCU movies, pics from the set hinted at some romantic moments between Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Sebastian Stan teased a possible relationship between the Winter Soldier and Black Widow. That wouldn't be much of a surprise, given Black Widow’s nature and her previous involvements with Captain America and Bruce Banner, although we could argue that she was just manipulating them.

Check out the posters below:



Avengers: Infinity War will be in theaters on May 4, 2018.