Batman V Superman Sneak Peek to Arrive with GOTHAM!

A couple of months ago, we heard a rumor that two new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers would arrive during the opening nights of Gotham and Supergirl. The one arriving with the Batman-prequel series would be focused on Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader while the other arriving with the standalone series of Superman’s cousin would be focused on Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel.

Did you get those trailers? NO! So, obviously, that rumor was debunked by time. But now, we’ve got no rumor! It has been confirmed that a new sneak peek of the March 25, 2016 release will definitely air during Gotham’s MIDSEASON FINALE. When is that? If you don’t watch Gotham or catch up with the Fox series on your DVR, that’s the question you are going to ask!

The midseason finale of Gotham will air this Monday, November 30 at 8pm – so, that’s the time when you’ll get to watch the Batman V Superman sneak peek!

Batman V Superman Sneak Peek - Trailer or TV Spot?

Let the fight begin... in one year, when Batman v Superman is released... Batman v Superman sneak peek - is it a trailer or a TV spot?

Now, what does this sneak peek mean – a trailer or a TV spot? That, unfortunately, hasn’t been mentioned. Since Captain America: Civil War has recently released its first official trailer, Warner Bros/DC might just want fans to get over it with the third official trailer of their biggest 2016 release.

At this point a Batman V Superman TV spot, a minute or less in length, won’t help to fade away the CIVIL WAR EFFECT among fans! And again, producer Charles Roven confirmed that the third trailer is coming before the year ends – so, November 30 won’t be that soon! What do you think?

Not Every Gotham Cast is on Batman's Side!

Gotham Gotham casts - not everyone is on Batman's side!

Since Gotham is an origin story to the Dark Knight and his world, you would assume that every cast of the series utters ‘BATMAN’ when asked about their allegiances in Batman V Superman. Even though majority of them are on Batman’s side, there is an exception! Watch it by yourself!

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