Batman: The Killing Joke – First Trailer

DC has just released the first official trailer for the animation Batman: The Killing Joke. And you know you’ll be in for one helluva ride as soon as you see the parental advisory – it's going to be rated R! As it should be, considering all of the Joker's activities.

This being said, the first trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke is actually pretty tame; it avoids throwing it all out there. Sure enough, there are hints that some scenes will lead into more R-rated territory – but the trailer plays it pretty safe.

The animation, on the other hand, is stunning and it looks as if a comic book has come to life. Forget about the style of the new 52 animated DC movies – we already feel completely immersed in the world of Batman: The Killing Joke!

All it takes... All it takes...

Of course, one should always decide for oneself – so check out the first trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke below!

Obviously, as with any trailer, it can’t satisfy all the viewers. And so many already complain that Barbara Gordon will be fridged in this one, even if she actually gets a piece of the action before being shot. But if you think about this as the origin story of the Oracle, the female character doesn’t seem to be just a reason for Batman and the Joker to come to blows (really, they need no reason at all to do that).

The most awaited DC animated movie in years The most awaited DC animated movie in years

For the moment, we don't know exactly when Batman: The Killing Joke will be released – the closest we can get is that it will come out sometime in July. However, it is believed that a special preview will be held during this year’s Comic Con, followed by the official release.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to this? We know we are!

Batman: The Killing Joke is like a breath of fresh air in the Damian Wayne-infused new 52.

Obviously, the pics on this page are screenshots from the trailer.