Avengers 2 Run-time Revealed

So now we know - Marvel has just announced the run-time of Avengers 2 - based on what we saw in the trailers and the clips and on this new information, we can now say that it will be as epic as expected.

To put things in perspective, we can say that the first Avengers film ran for 143 minutes and it was the longest Marvel movie until now. Captain America: The Winter Soldier followed closely, with 136 minutes, while last year's hit Guardians of the Galaxy had only 122 minutes. How long will Avengers 2 last?

Avengers 2 run-time

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Event Cinemas, the main Australian movie website, has just announced that Avengers 2 will have a whooping run-time of 170 minutes. Therefore, this will be now Marvel's longest-running film.

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