Aquaman Release Date Pushed Back

It looks as though Warner Bros. can't decide what it wants to do with the DCEU, a lucrative franchise that has grossed $2.2 billion dollars with just three movies. And it could be even more successful moving forward. Sure, the three movies released so far weren’t exactly what the fans expected, but it did appear that the studio had learned its lesson.

However, Warner Bros. can’t catch a break. After Ben Affleck was announced as director, writer, producer, and star of the Batman reboot, the actor was forced to step down. The Batman has been rewritten from scratch, but it won’t make it to theaters until 2019 (or even later). The Flash still hasn’t found a director, and many believe that the studio’s desire to fast-track a couple of films for release in 2018 is yet another mistake.

So much hope (Wikipedia)

According to the latest news, Aquaman has also been delayed. While it isn’t a significant delay, it's a bit problematic, considering how the DCEU has evolved so far. The Jason Momoa film won’t be released on the 5th of October, as initially announced, but on the 21st of December, instead. And this means that Aquaman will be in competition with the Animated Spider-Man movies.

Can that even be viewed as a competition? Yes, it can. Sony doesn’t have a perfect track record with Spider-Man, but the web-crawler could still steal a couple of moviegoers from the King of Atlantis.

Problems could arise if Disney decides to repeat history by changing the release date of the 2018 Star Wars movie. As they did with Rogue One, Disney could move the Han Solo anthology film to December (a highly lucrative month for Disney in the past few years). We’ll wait and see.

Jason Momoa (Cargo Collective)